About L.O.N.B.

Launched in April 2017, L.O.N.B. is a timeless collection of mindful luxury leather goods created for lives in motion.  

Crafted to be beautiful and practical, our collection brings refinement, elegance and ease into everyday moments. Each detail, from the outside to the inside, reflects a balance of relaxed confidence and intuitive purpose. Our wearer moves through their day with effortlessness and grace.

We believe in mindful luxury. We design and produce responsibly with clear intention and purpose. 

Our collection is timeless and perfected, made to be loved for life. We do not follow seasonal trends. Instead, each piece is created with a specific journey in mind and we only create a new design when there is a journey not already addressed in our collection. This school of thought allows us to fully consider and perfect each design before we bring it to market avoiding time pressure, duplication and waste.

We have thoroughly tested each piece in extreme conditions to ensure its lasting quality. Our products get better with time. After using, our high-quality natural leathers develop patina and character allowing them to effortlessly slouch even more and become even softer. 

We carefully craft our products with artisanal methods. We utilize every material completely, ensuring there is virtually no waste.

We produce responsibly.  Each piece is made in limited quantities and we only produce as there is demand.

Our suppliers produce responsibly by focusing on creating the highest quality materials and producing in low volumes.  We do not work with anyone who utilizes sub-contractors. Transparency of work is vital for our partnerships.

We create products for discerning clients who carefully select the objects they bring into their lives. We take our commitment to our clients very seriously. We stand behind the quality and value of each piece. We ensure our products can passed down from generation to generation.

L.O.N.B. was created by Melissa Morris and Reinhard Mieck. 

Through work and play, Reinhard and Melissa’s lives were frequently in motion, living life with no time to lose. They appreciated designs which were timeless and refined, but also looked for objects which eased their lives, moving seamlessly with their every step. They found this especially missing in luxury leather goods as they searched for bags which were as attune to their dynamic lives as they were to style and quality. With this clearly missing from the market, L.O.N.B. was born. 

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