L.O.N.B. is a timeless collection of luxury leather goods redefined for the twenty-first century. Addressing the needs of a modern life, we uniquely unite form and function to ease the daily journey with luxurious refinement.

Our collection for men and women is handcrafted in Italy and uses the highest quality materials from Italy and France. Every detail, from the outside to the inside, reflects a balance of relaxed sophistication, intuitive practicality and uncompromised craftsmanship.

L.O.N.B. was founded by Melissa Morris and Reinhard Mieck in 2017 in London. The collection, distinguished by its modern and detailed design philosophy, is unparalleled. Products are weightless, effortless, intuitive and refined.

Our flagship is located in the heart of Mayfair at 59 South Audley Street and our digital flagship, lonb.com, ships to 40 countries around the world. L.O.N.B. stands for our philosophy, Love Or Nothing, baby, which reflects the uncompromising and free-spirited approach we bring to our craft. 

Our products are made in Italy by the highest skilled craftsmen and women. We use only the finest materials from Italy and France and pride ourselves on our perfected and lasting quality.

We have developed a revolutionary method to craft our products. They are lightweight and slouchy on the outside yet functional and intuitive on the inside. Every detail is reduced to perfection, honing the rare balance of form and function.

We thoroughly test each product in extreme conditions to ensure its lasting quality. Each piece is designed to get better with time as our high-quality natural leathers develop patina and character to become even softer and slouchier. Solid brass hardware, symmetrical zippers and artisanal stitching further supports the endurance of each piece. 

At the cornerstone of our collection is our signature item, The Runaway. 

The Runaway is a panel which organizes the essential items you never leave home without. It allows peace of mind that all is in place and easy to access when needed. 

The Runaway effortlessly clips into each of our larger day and overnight bags. It may also be removed and folded together to transition to a small shoulder bag or portfolio. 

Double entry pockets ensure it is as intuitive to use when folded as when clipped inside a larger bag.

The Runaway’s interior is made from Alcantara in our house colour Amarone. This interior is applied to all of our bags so The Runaway will look seamless when paired with any larger bag.

The Runaway is a patent pending concept. 

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