Points of Sale

LONB is sold exclusively from our London flagship store at 59 South Audley Street as well as from our digital flagship, lonb.com.

When you step inside 59 South Audley Street, you will be intoxicated by the world of LONB. Inspired by 1960s Riva boats, teaked walnut, red leather and green marble are mixed together to create a warm, personal experience that you will never forget. Like our products, every detail has been considered. Corners are subtly rounded and different textures of light create warmth and interest.

A vintage chandelier found at Paris’s Marché aux Puces marks the entrance of the store. Nine large brown-tinted bell jar lamps line the back of the shop overtop our cosy bar, where guests are invited to sit, relax, trade travel stories and enjoy a glass of Amarone. The store feels completely new and inspiring, yet also familiar, as if it has always been there. This juxtaposition of modern and vintage is a hallmark of our brand. 

This same warm, modern luxury design extends to lonb.com. The colour palette is carefully balanced with striking lines and frames, taking inspiration from French New Wave graphic design. Materials from the store design are used as accents in our still life photography to add further warmth and cohesion.